EPEA Brazil

Our aim is to foster Cradle to Cradle® thinking in Brasil as a transformative force to guide growth beyond the boundaries of the traditional industrial model, boosting the creativity and positiveness of society to create a new way of economic prosperity which honors people and nature.

EPEA Brasil intends to use its deep cultural knowledge and expertise of the local business environment to help companies in the development of profound knowledge in Cradle to Cradle® thinking, design positive strategies towards eco-effectiveness ultimately initiating collaborative Cradle to Cradle® innovation projects that meet positive social, environmental and economic targets.

EPEA Brasilien

EPEA Brazil

Av. Das Nações Unidas, 12995/10º
04578-000 São Paulo

Tel: +55 11 5503-6722


Celso Fernandes

Advising & Mentoring
+55 (21) 8848-5509
Project Development
 55 (11) 97219-0228

Alexandre Fernandes

Project Development
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Business Development
 55 (11) 97462-3687

Ana Ester Rossetto

Business Development
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