For the Trigema wellness T-Shirts, EPEA has developed in collaboration with Trigema compostable textiles according to the Cradle to Cradle® concept. They are made entirely from biological and recyclable materials so that they are not only beneficial to the environment but also healthy for the user. The fabrics are especially skin-friendly and are extremely hard-wearing. The colors are light and the T-shirts have excellent washing properties.

Together with EPEA, Trigema has defined a new quality standard and created a product innovation which is convincing by the high quality standard offered. The developed textiles, which consist of a large number of material components (yarns, labels, threads and dyes), were all designed for a recycling in the biosphere.

The company Trigema is an ideal partner to develop and offer the highest quality. Trigema is the only company that can produce from the yarn to the finished product in Germany. Instead of procuring raw materials exclusively on the basis of a low price on the world market, Trigema’s goal is to purchase and process a defined quality that meets the highest standards.


Video: Cradle to Cradle at Trigema