Van Houtum (WEPA)

Van Houtum is the first company in the world to produce Cradle to Cradle® designed toilet paper and paper towels, sold under the brand name “Satino Black”. They have reached a Cradle to Cradle certification at the silver level. The requirements of the certification include knowledge and assessment of all product inputs, analytics of the recycled input as well as knowledge of the complete process including energy use, water management and social policy. The aim of the Cradle to Cradle®-design process is fully defining all materials and ingredients of “Satino Black“ to make it safe for human skin contact and biological systems, in addition to making it completely biologically degradable. As result “Satino Black” can be added to the biological cycle without any harmful effects to the environment.

Van Houtum “Satino Black” tissue paper is made of 100% waste paper (recovered paper), with a content of at least 85% post-consumer paper. Water is used in a cycling system in the production and needed energy comes from renewable sources. All chemicals used for the production of “Satino Black” have been assessed for their toxicological and ecotoxicological properties. Many substances not being suitable for the biological cycle could be replaced by suitable alternatives. The production process has been thoroughly modified in order to enable this Cradle to Cradle®-design production.

The used paper towels from van Houtum could be re-used as recovered paper for further paper production in a technical cycle. As a biological nutrient it could go back to the biological cycle via composting or any other digestion. Compost delivers nutrients for the reproduction of top soil, supporting biodiversity and contributing to CO2-reduction. Furthermore, it could be incinerated to generate heat, steam and energy – in a Cradle to Cradle® Combustion plant without filter systems. The ashes containing nutrients might be used as fertilizer.While implementing the new Cradle to Cradle®-concept both the company image and the customer satisfaction increased. Furthermore, it absolutely supported and strengthened the business position of van Houtum. As a whole, the production and turnover of van Houtum is continuing to increase.

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