Building made easy with sustainable products.

Digitally faster to product declaration: On the way to sustainable and healthy buildings, product testing is usually the biggest hurdle, as it requires considerable practical construction experience. With conpli, this task can be mastered.

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New requirements — that is why we must act now

The turnaround in resources in the construction sector is long overdue.
More and more legal requirements are now also following.


In order to rate a building as sustainable according to EU criteria, the sustainability of materials & products must be assessed.

BEG funding

Since the adjustment of BEG funding, not only the usage phase, but the entire life cycle has been taken into account. Sustainable materials are therefore a prerequisite for funding!

Green building certifications

Green building systems such as DGNB, BNB, LEED, BREEAM or WELL place detailed requirements on the installed products.

€11.2 billion
Investment volume in green buildings
in Germany
> 30%
Share of green buildings
in Germany
approx. 50%
The cost of a GB certification
amounts to the product approval process

Efficient and safe product approval — with conpli

Product testing is the most complex and challenging task for achieving a sustainability certificate. The safe and efficient execution of this task is therefore the decisive factor for project success!

By using conpli, we are able to make ESG-compliant buildings feasible on a large scale.

Peter Mösle

Partners | Drees & Sommer

Product testing made easy

Without conpli

With conpli

collection of information
Avoid duplication of work: Use all already documented information from other projects directly
Approval processes that are difficult to trace
Keep the overview at any time about all planned and used products. Even via smartphone or tablet directly on the construction site.
Complex requirements and preparation at the end of the project
All certification systems in conpli are configured so that the final documentation is directly ready to submit.
Dependence on individual experts
With EPEA's integrated ProCA service, product approval is possible without expert knowledge .
Duplicate product tests — again for every project
Save products that have already been tested in Favourite lists - this allows you to keep the information for future projects
Product data unstructured and unusable in Excel spreadsheets
Flexibly import and export data through the digital interface (REST API)
Product data stored in files that can no longer be used.
Synchronize your project data with other platforms and tools such as Madaster or BIM&more
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