EPEA's Product Compliance Assessment (ProCA)

For construction product manufacturers

All questions about sustainability requirements answered at a glance.

Digitally faster to product declaration: On the way to sustainable and healthy buildings, product testing is usually the biggest hurdle, as it requires considerable practical construction experience. With conpli, this task can be mastered.

A simple, structured and BIM-compatible presentation of the required product data provides clear orientation and planning security.

With ProCA, you can ensure that your products meet all relevant requirements, which saves time and creates credibility.

All of this as a 100% intelligent and automated service

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New requirements — that is why we must act now

The turnaround in resources in the construction sector is long overdue.


In order to rate a building as sustainable according to EU criteria, the sustainability of materials & products must be assessed. Certification for buildings and districts. The DGNB sets comprehensive requirements for the pollutant content of all installed products and defines four quality levels.

BEG funding

Since the adjustment of BEG funding, not only the usage phase, but the entire life cycle has been taken into account. Sustainable materials are therefore a prerequisite for funding!

Green building certifications

Green building systems such as DGNB, BNB, LEED, BREEAM or WELL place detailed requirements on the installed products.

€11.2 billion
Investment volume in green buildings
in Germany
> 30%
Share of green buildings
in Germany
approx. 50%
The cost of a GB certification
amounts to the product approval process

The solution: EPEA's ProCA compliance declaration

All questions about sustainability requirements answered at a glance.

  • Architects/planners
    They can use the product immediately, as they can be sure that the planned products meet the requirements of the project.

  • Contractors/construction companies
    They can use the product immediately, as they can be sure that the planned products meet the requirements of the project.

  • Sustainability consultant
    They can immediately approve the product for use, as they receive a transparent and comprehensible overview of the product properties.

  • program operator
    Like the DGNB, BBSR, USGBC or BRE, you can be sure that the product has been rated correctly, as it is always rated based on the same rules.

How does ProCA work?

ProCA is a fully automated web service, which calculates compliance with sustainability requirements based on product characteristics and has compliance declarations generated.

The service can be easily accessed by sending product data from your internal PIM system, any other database, or even from Excel spreadsheets.

All you have to do is send all relevant product data. ProCA calculates from this in a matter of seconds Whether the product is compliant or not and send back the result as an answer.

This makes product reviews for the first time 100% objective and unequivocally. No matter who uses the service — everyone gets the same results.

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How can compliance declarations be used?

The PROCA declarations provide added value in two different ways:

1. Integration with planner platforms
Our cooperation partners Heinze, Madaster and BIM&more integrate the PROCA data directly into their platforms at the manufacturer's request. As a result, your products and their sustainable properties are directly visible to the planner and your products are selected more quickly in the project.

2. Integrate with your website
Similar to the planning tools, the results can also be integrated directly into your website. In this way, anyone interested in your product can find the declarations of conformity directly on the website, without the need for a further request.

3. As proof of direct inquiries
Sales representatives of product manufacturers are regularly confronted with inquiries about sustainability data by their customers. In order to be able to answer these questions, there is a considerable amount of communication effort. With PROCA compliance declarations, you can answer all questions that arise directly with a document.

Request a PROCA compliance declaration

Product testing made easy
easy to understand!

Without conpli

With conpli

Respond to inquiries about sustainability data individually as required.
Independent, published compliance declarations
Time-consuming classification
Manual classification of products requires extremely time-consuming familiarization with the complex requirements of the systems.
Minimized effort when evaluating your own products:
Don't waste time reading into complex building certification systems to rank your products. We've already done the work for you!
Approval processes that are difficult to trace
The manual classification of products requires extensive experience. In addition, ratings published by manufacturers themselves are not seen as trustworthy.
With the independent methodology of EPEAS ProCA, you create credibility with planners.
Complex requirements and preparation at the end of the project
Approving a product for use often creates endless coordination chains between auditors, construction companies, distributors and product developers
All certification systems in conpli are configured so that the final documentation is directly
EPEA's ProCA shows you which product data planners need from you — simple, structured and BIM-compatible
Dependence on individual experts
If proof that the requirements have been met cannot be provided promptly, the product is quickly discarded and another one used.
With EPEA's integrated ProCA service, product approval is possible
Planners need to be sure that the products meet all requirements! EPEAS ProCA makes this clear and transparent.
Duplicate product tests — again for every project
If the documents are not available to planners in their usual working environments, the products will not be considered.
Save products that have already been tested in
EPEAS ProCA is not a separate platform but is integrated into the platforms in which planners work on a daily basis. This makes your products visible!
Request a ProCA compliance declaration


To evaluate individual products
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  • Evaluate products according to ESG criteria and green building requirements.
  • Receive a compliance declaration as a PDF for each assessment.


available soon
For fully automated evaluation of the entire portfolio
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  • Automatic creation of declarations based on published product information
  • Verification of product declarations by independent auditors
    Usage data for lead generation