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The key to a successful transformation to a sustainable and circular economy based on the Cradle to Cradle® principle is data. We help you develop scalable solutions to support your transformation.

EPEAs Trustee Materials Toolbox (TMT)

In the Trustee Materials Toolbox, your product is presented as a digital twin. The dashboard gives you an up-to-date view of your product's C2C performance. While maintaining confidentiality, data from your supply chain is also included in the presentation.

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Breakdown of a Product, its components and their Material-Health-Rating  in EPEAs TMT


In order to simplify the planning and documentation process for all actors involved in planning and construction, we have developed the software Conpli.

On the way to sustainable and healthy buildings, product testing is usually the biggest hurdle, as it requires considerable practical construction experience. With conpli, this task can be mastered.

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Screenshot of the Project Info Page in conpli

EPEAs Product Compliance Assessment (ProCA)

EPEAs ProCA is a service for construction product manufacturers. It helps users understand whether products meet the requirements of green building systems.

ProCA is based on established standards and is directly compatible with BIM and other systems in the construction industry.

The service can easily be used as an automatic data service, directly from your own PIM system or via well-known platforms such as Madaster or BIM&more.

The compliance data is directly visible to planners in the corresponding platform, and planners can see directly which requirements their products meet and have all relevant product data visible at a glance.

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EPEAs Product Compliance Assessment (ProCA) rates products for their compliance with Green-Building-Systems


BIM&more is an innovative platform that connects manufacturers of building products with architects and planners while promoting sustainability and circular economy in the construction industry.

As an architect, you can use BIM&more metronomes to evaluate your building directly in the planning software and optimize it together with other project participants.

As a construction product manufacturer, you can connect your product data via BIM&more Orchestra. This allows you to make your products available to planners directly in the planning software.

EPEA is involved in the development of BIM&more as a cooperation partner, supports you in establishing the platform and helps you establish sustainability and recyclability in your BIM processes

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BIM & More allows to evaluate the sustainability of buildings directly withing the modelling software


Would you like to document your project or portfolio based on BIM and gain insights into the materials contained, their ecological footprint and their recyclability?

Then we would be happy to assist you with the analysis via Madaster.

Madaster is your cadastre for materials and products. Madaster registers data on all materials and products that have been used in an object, such as a bridge or a building.

EPEA and Madaster have teamed up to give developers, investors, builders and managers of real estate and infrastructure an insight into the recyclability of components and materials.

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Madaster is building a european material cadaster for buildings

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