_Cradle to Cradle® business transformation

The EU has declared a climate emergency, movements such as “Fridays for Future” are fighting for more environmental protection and draft laws for more responsibility in the supply chain are ready. Not a day goes by today without reporting and discussing the effects of climate change and the future of our planet. For this purpose, UNEP has 17 global destinations defined — the so-called SDGs. These are now recognized and enshrined as top sustainability goals in all sustainability systems and reporting obligations. But the question is: How do you achieve this as a company?

_Paradigm shift for growth 2.0: Beneficial Company

Today, more and more companies are required by law to create a sustainability strategy with accompanying transparent reporting. As a rule, this is based on sacrificing and increasing efficiency. As a society, however, we no longer have the time to just make our previous activities a bit greener instead, we need to rethink them completely.

The design principle Cradle to Cradle® sees sustainability as an opportunity for innovation. If products and services are developed in such a way that they have a positive impact on the environment and society, then successful business is good for the company, employees and the environment.
Companies and the public sector can therefore assume responsibility for society and the environment and at the same time be successful and profitable: externally through Development of sustainable products or services, internally through the gradual implementation of measures at operating sites and in society.

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