Healthy printing

Healthy printing

Healthy printing

In order to improve food safety and recycling costs, we launched a healthy printing initiative in 2018 with the support of the DOEN Foundation. The aim is to make healthy substances more available in printed publications and packaging and to encourage customers and partners to join the network for the further improvement and growth of healthy printing.

Printing still plays a major role in publications and almost every packaging product is printed directly or provided with a printed label. Before the Healthy Printing Initiative existed, there was no area for customers and suppliers where they could exchange ideas and work to raise awareness of healthy printing. Compared to efforts aimed at banning hazardous substances, we aim to make printed products (paper, plastic, metal) a more economical resource for recycling and composting.

(2018 - TO DATE)

EPEA Services

  • Scientific support for excluding problematic substances
  • Networking across the entire supply chain
  • Further improvement and growth of healthy print products
  • Development of system solutions


  • Increased introduction of healthy print products and all related components
  • Healthy substances in printed publications and packaging are more readily available

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