Thanks to C2C, Schleich figures become recyclable! Product quality should also be proven via Cradle to Cradle® certification.

Toy manufacturer Schleich wants to produce its toys more sustainably in the near future. As part of the innovation partnership with EPEA — Part of Drees & Sommer, both companies have jointly developed a C2C strategy and a roadmap with this goal.

The next step in the strategy is to optimize the Schleich figures so that they become recyclable by the end of 2027. Integrating the supply chain is essential to optimize the material. Here, EPEA supports customer Schleich as a knowledge trustee of the partly confidential material data. Thanks to the good cooperation, it was already possible to analyze the main components of the game characters on a molecular level according to C2C criteria

As credible and verified proof of product quality, Schleich will also certify its products and packaging in accordance with the strict principles of the Cradle to Cradle certification standard by the end of 2027.

Another goal of the collaboration between EPEA and Schleich is to establish internal structures for Cradle to Cradle processes and knowledge. This included, for example, online training with 150 Schleich employees, but also numerous individual workshops and trainings.

First visible successes in packaging

By 2025, all Schleich packaging will be recyclable. From 2023 on, the company has only been using FSC® certified cardboard for its packaging. Compared to 2020, the company has already reduced the amount of plastic in all packaging by around 20 percent.

“Sustainability is a journey and we will take important steps along this path over the next few years. Our products are so durable and of high quality that they are only thrown away in exceptional cases today. Should this happen, by consistently implementing the Cradle to Cradle® design principles, a Schleich dinosaur can become a Schleich dinosaur again instead of a product with lower material quality. ”
Dr. Philipp Hummel, Head of Sustainability at Schleich.

2021 - 2027

EPEA Services

  • Innovation partnership
  • C2C Strategy
  • Development of C2C processes and knowledge
  • C2C assessment of material health and circularity
  • Data collection within the supply chain
  • Knowledge Trustees
  • Support for material optimization after Cradle To Cradle

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