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Our services bring real added value. With Cradle to Cradle® consulting, EPEA develops and innovates processes, products, buildings and entire urban districts. This is worthwhile for people, the environment and the economy.

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The big picture cannot exist without the very small; everything is interconnected. In order to create sustainable and livable cities, we need circular buildings and products whose materials and chemicals are healthy for people and the environment. We are rethinking existing systems to develop innovations on all scales - from molecular to urban planning together with our partners — and to digitally connect everything.

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_Automotive and mobility

_Industrial products

Take stock of a product's circularity, material health and product footprint, plus create a vision for the products of the future. From a beginner workshop to a digital twin, roadmapping, Circularity Passport® or certification: we find tailor-made solutions for our clients' challenges.


The future of construction is circular! We support the planning and implementation of buildings and construction measures to create a circular construction industry — for both new buildings and existing buildings. Through healthy, resource-optimized material advice, reduction of grey emissions, circular engineering, urban mining and Circularity Passports®, we design positive buildings together.


The EU has declared a climate emergency, the economy is changing to a circular economy and ESG regulations are increasing rapidly. Not a day goes by today without reporting and discussing the effects of climate change and the future of our planet.