“BIM & More” — the innovative Greentech solution for sustainable construction

Sustainable, digital, economical: With the innovative BIM & More plug-in, EPEA — Part of Drees & Sommer and Werkbank IT GmbH have created a world first. The tool is the first Greentech solution that combines Cradle to Cradle® principles with life cycle assessment.

Planners and architects can therefore carry out life cycle assessment, including CO2-Have the footprint of your planned property calculated — over the entire life cycle. At the same time, the building can be tested for its recyclability and can therefore be easily optimized and adapted.

Further benefits of BIM & More at a glance:

  • Architects and planners can work collaboratively without much previous knowledge and calculate and optimize the building design from the outset in terms of its recyclability and ecological balance.
  • The plug-in can not only calculate the CO2 footprint at product and object level, but also a total of five sustainability categories based on the cradle-to-cradle design principle.
  • With a BIM library in the backend, architects can record and organize industrial product solutions as well as their own solutions.
  • The cooperation with Madaster makes it possible to present the financial added value of ecodesign. In addition, the link to commodity exchanges makes the material value of the planned building materials and products visible.

Due to the enormous CO2 emissions of the entire building sector, the construction and real estate sector has a great responsibility. Transforming this sector is essential, especially when it comes to achieving the corresponding climate goals by 2050 at the latest.

Innovative and clever solutions such as BIM & More are encouraging and are an important step towards a climate-neutral and sustainable future, to which we at EPEA — Part of Drees & Sommer want to make a decisive contribution together with our partners.

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