Madaster enables sustainable construction

Energy efficiency, CO2 savings and the use of renewable energy sources are now almost standard criteria when constructing new buildings.

Nowadays, energy efficiency, CO2 savings and the use of renewable energy sources are among the standard requirements when constructing new buildings. These measures are undoubtedly important for sustainability, but they alone are not enough to meet the challenges of the construction and real estate sector. The real problem is not the lack of energy, but the lack of valuable raw materials. But how can we address this problem? The answer lies in bringing raw materials back into the cycle.

Buildings that are planned and built according to the circular principle from the outset will particularly benefit from this approach. These buildings use pollution-free materials and components that can be easily dismantled so that the raw materials can be reused.

Madaster is a groundbreaking project that enables a sustainable revolution in construction. It is a database that collects and manages information about building materials and buildings. This database not only helps to keep track of the materials used, but also to return them to the cycle after their life cycle. This innovative approach has the potential to change the construction and real estate sector in the long term.

Find out more about Madaster and how this database could revolutionize construction by reading the latest article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung:

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The future of construction is in our hands, and Madaster shows a way to use our resources more responsibly.