Strenger Holding GmbH

Strenger Holding GmbH

Life cycle assessment of building standards

The Strenger Group has set itself the goal of strengthening its market position in the area of sustainability. For this reason, it wants to examine its current building standard for its environmental impact.

The focus is on the CO2 footprint over the entire life cycle of residential buildings. Part of life cycle assessment, which also includes the CO2 balance, is to look at the various life cycle phases — from production and construction to use and returning the building to a circular economy.

As part of the study, Drees & Sommer experts prepared the life cycle assessment and identified optimization potential for various standard modules.

“We are looking forward to a good and long-term partnership with Drees & Sommer, as we are working on the topic of CO2-Believe in balance sheet and sustainability in economic steps. ”
Manuel Mayer
Head of Development, Purchasing and IQ; STRENGER Group

(01/2021 - 06/2021)

EPEA Services

  • Life cycle assessment


  • Precise knowledge of CO for the first time2-Footprints over the entire life cycle of a building
  • Comparative values established for newly developed building standards — resulting in transparency for improvements
  • Clear identification and quantification of CO2-Optimization potential for materials and components

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