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Whitecroft Lighting

Vitality Cascade Flex

With the introduction of “Cascade Flex Vitality” — one of the world's first recessed luminaires with the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ bronze level certificate — Whitecroft Lighting is experiencing increasing interest in its circular economy strategy. In this context, the Manchester-based manufacturer of lighting fixtures has presented its new Circular Economy platform. Supported by EPEA, the company promotes sustainability as an innovative opportunity to keep the material quality of luminaires high over their entire lifetime — such as by repairing, reprocessing, reusing and recovering the materials.

“This is the start of a new, more sustainable business model. The development towards circular solutions will have a direct impact on the entire lighting industry in the UK.” Matt Paskin, Director of Design at Whitecroft Lighting.

However, circular product design alone is not enough. It needs partnerships, for example for new product-related services, in order to develop solutions together and thus be part of the solution.

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EPEA Services


  • Ingredients are positively defined and optimized for circulatory capacity
  • Provision of a circular solution in the construction sector for both inventory optimization and new construction projects.
  • Opportunity to build longer-term and more sustainable partnerships around lighting solutions

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