Zinq coating solutions

Zinq specializes in the production of corrosion protection layers for various types of steel structures using the hot-dip galvanizing process (HDG). The HDG process involves the use of the natural element zinc, which can make a major contribution to steel structures. Like other non-ferrous metals, it is ideal for recycling. In addition, it is the best choice to protect steel from rust. Hot dip galvanizing with zinc can extend the life cycle of manufactured steel by more than 100 years. Zinq was already very efficient with its use of resources and energy, but wanted to do more and took steps to improve the effectiveness of its products and processes:

The Principles of the Design Concept support their ambition to innovate processes and products in HDG and confirms the direction they have already taken:

“Cradle to Cradle Certification is the approach we've utilized to achieve a unique level of effectiveness of resource utilization, as well as our leading market position.”

(2011 - UP TO NOW)

EPEA Services


  • All materials are positively defined. Optimization processes have been initiated or even completed
  • Product life cycle was optimized
  • Reducing waste products and energy consumption

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