_Circular Economy

Our vision - We strive for a diverse, safe and healthy world with clean air and energy, as well as clean water and soil. To do this, we combine economic efficiency, social justice and ecology, which promote rather than exclude each other, and place sustainability as an opportunity for innovation rather than as a burden for expansion.


_The next industrial revolution — the circular economy

In order to achieve positive economic, social and ecological effects, a paradigm shift is needed. This requires companies to rethink the use of resources, production processes and relationships with business partners along the entire value chain. In 1784, the first industrial revolution began with hydroelectric mechanics. Electricity (2.0) enabled mass production. With the help of IT and electronics (3.0), automation was advanced to today's digitalization (4.0). With the Circular Economy, we want to drive forward the absolutely necessary 5.0 revolution and thus create a positive impact on people and our environment.

_Industrial revolutions

Linear economy with conventional recycling management

_Take > Make > Waste

The Circular Economy powered by Cradle to Cradle® is states that resources used can serve as starting materials for new, pollution-free products after use. This allows them to circulate continuously in product cycles - instead of “downcycling”, the “upcycling” of products should be made possible. On the way to a circular economy, current solutions such as sharing concepts or re-use steps are already in the right direction. However, the goal is to create a positive footprint with optimized nutrient cycles — with solutions that are suitable for the biosphere and technosphere. As an innovation partner and knowledge trustee, we therefore work with product manufacturers, suppliers, chemical and paint suppliers and designers worldwide. We support companies with global supply chains in implementing Cradle to Cradle® building products for technical and biological cycles. Together with our partners, we optimize all processes. From the development of chemicals and basic materials to the return of certified building products and furniture.

Circular Economy powered by Cradle to Cradle®

_Re-Design > Make > Nutrients

With Cradle to Cradle®, everything becomes a nutrient, healthy and safe, made for infinite regeneration in cycles. Sharing and re-use are steps in the right direction. To ensure that a product does not become waste even at the end of its last use, it must be designed for the biosphere or the technosphere from the outset. Real material recycling must be possible in the technosphere, complete biodegradation in the biosphere. This is the only way we can create a positive long-term footprint with optimised nutrient cycles.